Hold Nose from Odors 

Smoke Odors Discourage Home Buyers!

Several times a week we receive a few calls from perspective home buyers asking us about the procedure and cost to remedy smoke odors in a home they recently viewed and liked. The perspective new owners usually go on to say they really like the home but were very concerned about the smoke odors and did not place an offer.
After talking to us (321) 895-4647 they usually go back and place an offer of 10-15% below asking price due to the tobacco smoke smell. We inform them that we are highly successful in removing smoke odors and they should expect a final results of 80-100% odor reduction as well as the home and AC Ducts being sanitized.
If you have even the slightest smoke odor in your home it will discourage potential buyers. To remedy this situation and receive potentially more offers and even higher offers above asking price call No More Odor at (321) 895-4647 and we will preform an Ozone Shock Level Treatment to remove odors and sanitize your home. After treatment we will provide you with a certificate of sanitation that you can show potential purchasers and advertise it with your home thus making your home stand out from the rest.

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